Olympia/Lacey Chiropractic 클리닉에서 Front Desk Staff 를 모십니다.

안녕하세요. Olympia/Lacey 에 위치한 SpineAid Chiropractic 에서 Front desk staff 를 모집합니다.

간단한 Resume 를 support@spineaidchiro.com 으로 보내주십시오.


1) 지원자격

- 미국내 취업에 결격사유가 없으신분

- Bilingual (영어로 병원소개, 가격설명, 전화통화, 환자 분들과 small talk 정도는 가능하신 분을 찾습니다.)

- 밝은 성격의 소유자

2) 근무지역 : Lacey, WA

3) 근무조건

근무요일 :             근무시간:

Mon/Wed/Friday    11:00 am - 6:00 pm  

Tue/Thursday      2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Sat/Sunday            10:00 am - 2:00 pm

⁃ 근무시간과 요일은 원하시는 만큼 원하시는 요일에Flexible 하게 조정 가능합니다.

⁃ 최소 근무 시간은 일주일에 20시간 이며 조정 가능합니다.

4) 제출서류

간단한 Resume 

제출처 : support@spineaidchiro.com


Responsibilities include:

- Providing friendly services to members and patients. 

- The primary responsibility is to gain memberships to meet sales goals.

- Greeting members and patients upon arrival. Checking members and patients in to see the Chiropractor.

- Check the patient’s billing status before or after the treatment and apply it to the system.

- Type in the patient’s intake in the system.

- Answering texts, emails, chats, and phone calls.

- Conducts telephone inquiries/follow-up calls/texts and emails to all leads.

- Must know the pricing options, plans, and promotions.

- Maintain the cleanliness of the clinic.

- Confident in presenting and selling memberships and packages.

- Able to stand and/or sit for long periods.

- Able to help the patient get up from the massage table.

- Knowledgeable about SpineAid Chiropractic and answer all FAQs.

- Able to explain we are a private pay clinic, and using third-party private insurance is not allowed.

- Ability to explain the competitive advantages of SpineAid Chiropractic.

- Strong social media skills (Instagram, Facebook TikTok, and Twitter) are preferred.

- Posting and making shorts and video skills are preferred.

Job qualifications:

- Excellent customer service skills

- Ability with solid sales skills

- Friendly communication skills  

- Positive attitude and willingness to help mindset.

- Mindful of health and wellness with a basic knowledge of chiropractic care

- High school diploma (required)

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