Part-Time Youth Pastor/Teacher

Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church, in Vancouver, WA, is seeking a Part-Time Youth Pastor/Teacher.

Position: Part-Time Youth Pastor/Teacher
Schedule: Flexible hours, part-time
Location: VKPC 5045 E 18th Street, Vancouver, WA 98661

About Us: At Vancouver Korean Presbyterian , we’re more than just a place of worship - we're a tight-knit family committed to nurturing the faith and education of our youth. Rooted in both Korean heritage and American culture, we strive to provide a supportive environment where young people can grow spiritually, academically, and personally.

• Sunday Worship Service
• Lead youth programs that integrate biblical teachings.
• Provide pastoral/teaching care, mentorship, and counseling to students, fostering their spiritual and personal development.
• Collaborate with church leaders, parents, and volunteers to organize youth events, retreats, and community service projects.

• Fluent in English, Korean not required.
• Experience in teaching, youth ministry, or related fields, with a commitment to academic excellence and spiritual growth.
• Currently enrolled in or graduated from accredited seminary.
• Knowledge of biblical teachings and the ability to apply them to relevant issues facing youth today.

• Flexible scheduling to accommodate other commitments.
• Opportunities for growth within the ministry.
• Compensation negotiable, and based on qualification.

Please contact, Kenny Yi, Nomination Committee,

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by Kenny
05/18/24 @08:45 pm

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게시판 이용안내

게시판 용도와 맞지 않는 비방, 욕설이 포함된 글은 저희 사이트의 운영 방침에 따라 작성자의 의견없이 삭제 될수 있음을 미리 알려드립니다.



게시판 이용안내

게시판 용도와 맞지 않는 비방, 욕설이 포함된 글은 저희 사이트의 운영 방침에 따라 작성자의 의견없이 삭제 될수 있음을 미리 알려드립니다.